If you are a marketing manager working with a shared marketing department across various business channels, you’ll understand the importance of being able to build your own marketing team. Not having the luxury of a team to call your own is a fate that results in frustration.

  • It includes not being able to drive the culture, performance, or training of the marketing department team members.
  • It involves having to share the team across multiple disciplines.
  • This, in turn, results in work being late or pushed aside for something seemingly more important.
  • Momentum is lost, team morale dips, and team members are trained to always have an excuse if either talent or responsibility is lacking.

Turning Marketing Strategy Into Tangibility

We can agree that strategy leads a business, but without a marketing team to execute said strategy, there is nothing to present or report on. More importantly, there is no interaction with your marketplace or your customer.

Creative teams play a vital role in the interpretation and presentation of a well thought out strategy. Their ability to work within agreed deliverables and timelines is just as important as any effective strategy. In fact, it’s the strategy come to life.

The privilege of being able to build your own marketing team to effect the required needs of the business is key to continue engaging with the marketplace and interpreting your customer’s feedback in a meaningful way.

Why The Right Team Matters

Working with the right people for what your strategy needs will help you get through the work and provide a baseline of engagement for your business to work from. This allows you to establish a point of departure from what is working and what needs adjusting. The team you surround yourself with allows you to pivot and create bespoke solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. All of this can happen while adhering to company branding, tone, and strategic needs that reinforce your company culture and relationship with your customers.

If only you could build your own marketing team.

Well, you can. Having your own team on hand allows you to measure your activities, which are delivered on time and within the framework of the agreed strategy. Having your own team gives you the confidence in their discipline to stay abreast of changing technology and trends, and it builds the culture and trust of your brand with everyone with whom you engage.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash.