We’ve heard the buzzword, but many are unsure of what exactly Google Performance Max is, how it works and who it could benefit. The most distinguishable difference between Google Performance Max and existing campaigns is that it streamlines and automates processes based on user-provided information. 

But there is so much more. Without further ado, the Gone Digital Group digital pros are here to help you dive right into everything you need to know about Google Performance Max. 

What is Google Performance Max?

With Performance Max, Google automates ad generation specifically based on user-provided information. It operates across multiple placements using effective ad formatting, with limited audience efficacy reporting and placement. It is a goal-centered campaign type, focusing on allowing users to grow conversions across Google’s various advertising platforms, which gives retailers the opportunity to build on their presence over the range of ad formats. Advertisers stipulate their own conversion goals, which are then automated in Performance Max.

Benefits Of Google Performance Max

As mentioned above, Google Performance Max works towards lead generation and conversions via automated optimisation overall Google platforms. This makes it potentially more efficient than universal search campaigns. It also has the potential to help advertisers detect new audience segments that they may have overlooked using shopper intent and preference data, which is useful for getting ads to the right audiences.

Features Of Google Performance Max

Budget & Bidding

Once you have clarified and stipulated your goals with Google Performance Max, you will set your budget and decide on your bidding strategy, of which there are various options. 


If you have multiple locations to include, there is an ‘advanced search’ link to bulk import locations. Along with this you’ll stipulate your required languages, ad schedule, campaign run dates etc. 

Advanced URLs

Google will include its own URLs by default, but you can disable this function. If you choose to run on the default URL setting, you do have the option to exclude specific links as you choose. 

Automated Targeting 

Selecting your own audiences gives Google an idea of who to automatically target, although this does not mean that your campaigns will only be delivered to those audiences, but rather used as insight to base the automated delivery on. Google Performance Max will utilise that data to discover similar audiences that are likely to be interested in your campaign. 

Ad Extensions

You can make use of existing sitelink extensions, but you also have the option to select and create specific links for your Google Performance Max campaigns. It will pull up suggested extensions based on your stipulated goals, plus you also have the ability to add price, promotion and call extensions to name a few. 

This covers most of it… but there is so much more to dig into. If you’re already on board, we can gladly set up Google Performance Max on your campaigns, just drop us a line and we will get to it.