An SEO specialist’s primary responsibility is to draw in customers by promoting your business in search engine results pages like Google. They achieve this by putting a variety of SEO best practices into place on your website, with the main objective being to draw in targeted traffic that can then be converted into potential customers. But that’s just the short and skinny of it. Let’s take a deeper dive into what an SEO specialist does and how they can serve your business growth in a positive way.

What Does An SEO Specialist Do? 

Stay On-The-Ball

Search engines are forever making adjustments which, in turn, affect the way they conduct business. They want to serve users with the most accurate results possible, so they need to filter out the noise by making changes to their algorithms. SEO has to keep up with these changes and will continue to change over time. An SEO specialist will stay current on best practices and be knowledgeable about emerging trends in the market.

Keyword Research

This is the cornerstone of content marketing and SEO. By using the appropriate keywords, you may be able to avoid being overlooked by search engines. Without proper keyword research into your niche, writing SEO content is a shot in the dark.

Each SEO specialist will handle keyword research slightly differently, which is okay, so long as the end result is one that works in favour of the business. Working with an SEO professional that has a sound strategy and can clearly explain why they chose the terms they did is crucial.

Going Forward

The use of SEO is not a set it and forget it approach to online marketing. Testing, monitoring, analysing, and optimising (hence the name) is necessary to determine what works and doesn’t work for each business. A knowledgeable SEO specialist is able to analyse data from tools like Google Analytics, GA4, and Google Search Console, decipher it, and provide practical next steps to assist improve website traffic.

Skills To Look For In An SEO Specialist

Choosing the right SEO specialist for your business depends on a few things, but it all comes back to whether or not they know what they’re doing and you can work well together. Here are a few important skills to look for in an SEO specialist:

  • Experience (essential – people can talk a good talk)
  • Results to show for their experience
  • Identifying the smaller details of the bigger picture
    • A good SEO specialist thinks long-term when providing campaign suggestions and expresses the importance of their job in a direct and understandable manner.
  • Creates custom strategies based on your business’s requirements 

How Can An SEO Specialist Help Your Business?

  • Helps Customers Find You
      • To enhance traffic from organic search, an SEO specialist will offer practical advice.
  • Keep Your Business In The Running
      • An SEO specialist will establish a solid place for your business within search engine ranks and ensure that your business is competing well with like-businesses.
  • Keep Your Business Relevant
      • Your buyers won’t even think about you if you’re not prominently ranking for critical targeted keywords. Since they don’t know what they don’t know, they might not have thought to take you into account.
  • Calculate The Next Step
    • An SEO specialist will examine what’s working and what isn’t and make adjustments to their techniques accordingly.

Hopefully, this has clarified what an SEO specialist does and how one could benefit your business. Got more questions? Shoot them across and we will get our team of SEO specialists to answer them for you. 

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