The internet is a treasure trove of information. Much of it false. Sometimes we find leaders of high esteem using terminology to explain or describe things pretty much incorrectly. Not only is this embarrassing, but it’s misleading too. We thought we’d offer a little insight into two often confused terms that many think are the same thing. The difference between a digital agency and a digital consultancy. 

We could always use a little guidance when operating within the digital world. The tricky part is finding a reliable resource that can offer valuable and trusted information. Well, you’ve found us! We are that resource. Using a combination of experience, knowledge, and extremely attentive research, we always get to the crux of the matter

Let’s run through what both a digital agency and a digital consultancy are and how they differ from one another. 

What Is A Digital Agency?

A digital agency conventionally consists of lean staff that are industry or sector-specific. Businesses will often outsource assistance from multiple specified agencies to achieve an overall goal. For example, a digital product agency provides planning, strategy, design and administration for all digital products and services, an advertising agency handles the creating, planning and management of advertising requirements and a communications agency will be knowledgeable in all things related to communications. 

Digital agencies provide a service that aligns with achieving a specific goal for a client.

What Is A Digital Consultancy? 

A digital consultancy consists of industry or sector experts as well, particularly providing long-term business health advice. They give a greater degree of research-driven advice, giving you a broad perspective on what’s working and what isn’t, and assisting you in developing a plan to handle the most pressing issues facing your business.

A digital consultancy offers the same service as an agency, but they also grow with the client, lean into the client’s issues, and help them become better at what they do through their interactions.

The Difference Between The Two

Digital agencies are working from the ground up while digital consultancies are working from the top down. Despite the fact that their services appear to cover the same things, the way they work is crucial because it affects how the two create, grow, and maintain relationships.

A digital agency will assist you in planning, designing, creating, and implementing your criteria for a digital product. This is because they have the equipment, materials, and extensive knowledge from working on digital projects to provide the best job possible.

A digital consultancy will help you do the same things, but they will also be available if you need advice and knowledge on how to make business decisions, develop broad-based plans, and get largely advisory services when it comes to putting those ideas into action.

Determining which of the two you require is entirely dependent on what you need them to do, so we do hope this has offered some direction on who is who in the zoo. To learn more about digital agencies and digital consultancies, or to get some help with your digital needs, get in touch with Gone Digital Group