A term that we use frequently on the SEO side of business is ‘organic traffic’. Without any knowledge of what this is and how to achieve it, managing SEO processes and capitalising on its many fruitful aspects will be tricky. Let’s break down exactly what organic traffic is, how to increase the flow of it to your site, and how this practice can be valuable to your business. 

Organic Traffic Explained

Organic traffic is the measure of site visits your business achieves via search results pages. This means that no capital has been invested in driving this traffic to your site, they have simply found your business using keywords that your site pages rank for. In simple terms, organic traffic is generated from people typing keywords into Google and then finding your business by clicking on the results that pop up.

Contrarily, we have paid traffic, which is driven in by pay-per-click adverts that direct users to your site. This is not to say that paid traffic doesn’t stimulate organic traffic, each plays an equally important role. Generating organic traffic has a few requirements:

  • You need ample relevant content
  • Google must crawl and index your pages before they can be listed in search engine results pages
  • Your page must be visible and easily accessible to users

SEO To Generate Traffic Organically

For your page to be visible and accessible, you’ll need a pretty solid SEO strategy. To put it simply, your pages need to top other pages competing for the same keywords. SEO best practices are key in boosting your rankings and generating organic traffic. 

Different industries will have wavering competition when generating organic traffic. Insurance, health and beauty, and finance are all highly competitive industries that can make driving organic traffic a little more difficult than businesses selling niche products or services. Some constructive SEO best practices that will boost your ranking and bring in organic traffic include:

  • Market research
  • Attractive title tags and meta descriptions
  • Page speed
  • Relevant SEO content written for users and search engines

To mention a mere few. These are key areas to work on that will give your business a solid stance among your competitors without having to put any money down for it.

Why Is This Type Of Traffic Valuable?

Paid traffic does the job of bringing in traffic, but requires consistency and relevance to make any real difference. Organic traffic makes outranking your business difficult for your competitors to accomplish and continues to grow as you further optimise your website. 

Hopefully, you’ve found this debrief of what organic traffic is and why it is important, informative, and helpful. Contact Gone Digital if you would like to learn more about curating your site pages in alignment with SEO best practices, a sure way to stimulate useful organic footfall.