PPC, or pay-per-click, means that you compensate when your ad is clicked on and only have to put money down for the ads that actually generate traffic to your website. Having a PPC campaign in place can produce great results, but could also be costing you more in time and money if not structured optimally. 

A PPC checklist will offer you extensively useful guidance as far as planning and execution goes. In this blog, we are going to look at five crucial things that will produce promising results and ensure that your PPC campaign performs well. 

Keyword Research

A term that you will become very familiar with if you haven’t already, keyword research is vital for any search marketing campaigns you run, for SEO and PPC. First up on the PPC checklist, we suggest doing research on keywords that are in alignment with your intent and have a low rate of competition. You can also research competitor keywords to see what your competition is vying for.

This is because low-competition keywords can rank without domain authority. Get a feel for the questions your target audience are likely asking and use this information as insight for potential keywords. 

Understand Your Competitors

Second up on our PPC checklist is getting a feel for your competition. A lot can be deduced from understanding what is working for them. Conduct research on the keywords that they are ranking for and locate unique opportunities within that range of competitor keywords. Finalise your particular selling points and build up keywords surrounding them. 


Determine what keywords work with your different ads. From there, narrow down which keywords are most effective and which keywords won’t be useful. Remember to think within the context of what you offer. Sometimes broad keywords can be misinterpreted. Then, once you’re happy, conduct an audit of each campaign landing page to determine what needs work. 

Generate Ad Texts And Extensions

Incorporate compelling and potent keywords into your headings and text. Consider automation tools that can identify ad campaigns that aren’t generating any traffic and put them on hold. You can make use of tools such as Performance Max to truly capitalise on your marketing efforts.

Keep Track

Keep track of your competitors and the keywords that they are ranking for using GA4 or your chosen tracking and analytics software. Keep tabs on the domains that are competing for the same target keywords that you are. Getting a clear view of your standing in comparison to those that you are competing with can offer up useful guidance on the areas you could work on. 

With a sturdy PPC campaign strategy in place, you are guaranteed to see positive advancements that you can tweak and optimise over time. While this PPC checklist offers a brief breakdown on how to get started, we have a team of digital marketing professionals on standby, waiting to help you take the next step. 

If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with the team at Gone Digital Group.