SEO as a practice has grown and evolved exponentially over the years in alignment with the consistent evolution of tech and search functionality. AI has been in circulation for a while. It is constantly being upgraded and we can now generate SEO content using AI technology, we can use AI to conduct keyword research, among many other tasks. But how does this content compare to what traditional SEO services can provide? How do we know that we can rely on their solutions?

Here are the pros and cons of the use of AI SEO tools versus traditional SEO services.

AI SEO Tools 

AI is widely accessible, used daily by a growing number of people to complete various tasks quickly and at little cost. It has also been accessible for writing purposes for a while, usually as a research tool, but now as a fully-fledged content creation tool (these have existed in the past, but the results have been poor quality). AI tools for SEO generate quality content and perform an expansive range of SEO-related tasks with little input requirement. Here are the pros and cons of AI tools used for SEO purposes.


Speed – AI tools can generate quality content in a matter of seconds. This allows businesses to take on heavier loads without the concern for the labour required.

Cost-effective – Hiring an SEO professional might be expensive. As opposed to paying hourly rates for someone to deliver on technical SEO and SEO content, AI can be utilised as much as required.


Accuracy – Bots may not comprehend the context of what you’re attempting to communicate, might include false information, and can also easily create blunders, meaning that the work requires checking and background research. If we need to back up the work of a bot, then we might as well do it ourselves, right? 

Can come across as robotic – On the SEO content side, AI-generated content often sounds robotic or unnatural and has many grammatical errors or missed nuances. This is because the programme is incapable of comprehending the complexities of human language.

Traditional SEO Services

Traditional SEO services are used to leverage businesses within search, raise brand recognition, attract new clients, and assist these businesses in becoming the preferred suggestion among their rivals. Here are the pros and cons of employing traditional SEO services.


Real-time performance feedback – Traditional SEO services track the success of your SEO approach by using several web tools that provide real-time statistics on your organic results and campaign effectiveness. This provides insight into what the next move should be and a long-term plan and strategy can be devised.

Useful brand-awareness – By covering all bases and employing a power strategy, traditional SEO services attract the right attention to your content. 


Experience – When looking at traditional SEO services and how search engines evolve so rapidly, experience is important. It may be difficult to find an SEO professional that fits within the parameters of your budget, which would make AI solutions more attractive.

Results – SEO results can take some time to materialise, which would be the case for both AI and traditionally-led SEO. You may not receive the results you want by employing traditional SEO services, which can have nothing to do with the services but just the nature of the solution. 

We know that AI will play more of a role in digital marketing and SEO as time goes on, but one thing we can attest to currently is that Gone Digital Group is a team of humans creating digital marketing solutions for humans.

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