Advertising can be achieved in a wide variety of formats, all useful for different reasons and applications. Display advertising is something you have born witness to, even if you haven’t realised it. In this blog, we are going to dissect what display ads are and how to use them most effectively. 

What Are Display Ads?

Display ads are visual advertisements that show up on social media, mobile applications, and websites. They often contain text, graphics, video, and occasionally audio in addition to a link that directs users to further information on the offered product. Simply put, they are a way for businesses to attract attention from an audience and to get them to “step inside” the digital business property.

Ad campaigns can have a variety of objectives, and while some display ads are made to educate users about the product, others are made to amuse, engage, and build up brand awareness. Display advertising known as “banner ads” are widely employed in awareness-raising efforts. They are also great for attracting attention.

Businesses like yours will pay for display ads to entice clients and increase sales, just as with any physical advertisement. Display ads are priced on a cost per click, meaning you get charged each time a visitor clicks through to your landing page. If these are true targetted potential clients, you will find that the revenue generated far outweighs the costs.

Type Of Display Ads

Personalised Display Ads

Consumers are targeted with personalised display ads based on their online behaviours and demographic information. Personalised product suggestions can even be shown in your adverts depending on a user’s most recent interactions with your website. 

Site-Placed Display Ads

Site-placed display ads allow for you to handpick the websites your display ads feature on. You have the ability to choose either displaying your ads over the entire website or on preferred pages.

Circumstantially Targeted Display Ads

As opposed to gathering information on user viewing habits, these display ads are placed based on a few different standards:

  • The topic and keywords your display ad is based around
  • Your website’s general focal points and themes
  •  The general browsing preferences of your recent viewers
  • Your targeted languages and locations

What Makes Display Ads Important?

Display ads are hyper-targeted. As opposed to physical advertising like shop signs and billboards, you have full control over the placement of your display ads to increase useful traffic. Your ads will feature in front of the right eyes, so to speak. This means that the traffic your site experiences will be meaningful and the best ROI for digital marketing

On the other hand, display ads help users locate exactly what they are looking for based on their viewing habits. Overall, they are extremely useful.

We hope you have found this blog insightful, informative and enjoyable. If you would like to know more about display ads, get in touch with a Gone Digital Group representative.