A website functions as a reliable method of advertising for a business and provides a marketing platform that is accessible around the clock. However, your website needs to be both technically sound and attractively designed in order to be successful. 

A website should be visually appealing, informative, and straightforward to navigate when users arrive on its pages. Making sure this is the case falls on the shoulders of both web designers and web developers. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Let’s take a look. 

Web Design And Web Designers

A web designer is responsible for the website’s aesthetic appeal. They mostly contribute to the website’s splendour and usefulness in alignment with a business’s identity. Making sure the site is both pleasing to the eye and user-friendly is a primary goal for web designers. It is also designed with the intention of retaining visitors for as long as feasible. 

What does this entail? Carefully considering and creating conversion-generating components in addition to the overall layout, as well as designing web pages in a way that works well across different devices. Web designers must follow a set of standards and best practices, as well as remain current on web design trends. They frequently work with logos, colour schemes, typefaces, and other branding elements.

Web Development And Web Developers

Web developers transform the web designers’ original design into a completely functional website. Their job entails doing a lot of technical work, which includes using sophisticated programming languages and complex coding. They take the vision created by designers and translate it into actual, functioning web pages that are clickable, scrollable, and usable.

Ultimately, a web developer is responsible for building the website. This includes adding user-facing features and usefulness as well as coding and setting up the server and databases on the back end. They may also manage a variety of post-launch services, such as ongoing support and maintenance and resolving server or hosting issues, in addition to performing testing and debugging.

Building A Website From Scratch

There are loads of tools available today that enable businesses to build their own websites. Content management systems make it easy, but that’s not to say it’s something everyone should go out and do! Materialising the vision you have for your website will require multiple hands, and we believe that resourcing in this department is key. 

Gone Digital Group works with a team of skilled digital creators and curators, with web design and development skills aplenty. We can manage your web design development requirements from design through to launch. 

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