Testing removes the element of assumption from website optimisation and digital marketing, making data-driven decisions possible. You can make sure that every change has a beneficial effect by tracking how it affects your metrics. This is most effectively done using AB testing.

AB testing can be used as one of the many steps in the comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process, and it provides incredibly insightful data. With the help of the data gathered, you can learn more about user behaviour, engagement levels, problems, and even user satisfaction with new and improved website features. So, without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into AB testing in marketing. 

AB Testing – Let’s Break It Down

In a nutshell, AB testing is an experiment in which users are randomly shown two or more variations of a page. A deep analysis is conducted to ascertain which variation works better for a specific conversion goal. Variations can be absolutely anything, from a single heading to a full-page redesign. 

Your traffic is then exposed to the variations of your page. Variation A, your initial page, is generally referred to as your ‘control’ page. Variation B is your modified page, referred to as your ‘variation’ page. 

You can have multiple variations of your control page to gain a wider range of useful user insights. However, as you are testing the same element throughout all versions, everything should remain the same across the variations of your control page, except the element you wish to improve on. 

AB testing can be applied to pretty much everything in digital marketing. Running paid media campaigns? You can AB test your creative copy to see which performs and converts better. Social media posts can be run using different imagery to see which elicits a preferable response. The sky is the limit and it’s an undeniably effective way to better understand your target market.

Why Is AB Testing Important In Digital Marketing?

AB testing is advantageous in digital marketing as it enables brands and businesses to carefully modify their user encounters while gathering information on the effects it has. Finding out which variants had an impact on visitor behaviour and which ones did not is made easier by testing one change at a time. 

The underperforming variants are a small price to pay for the curated version to be made available to everyone, which will work better and harder for your business in the long run. Customer satisfaction is the end goal, and this is one brilliant way of testing out how to achieve that. 

The Gone Digital Group understands the importance of taking time to understand an audience and can roll out AB testing for your business to help you achieve the best return on investment. 

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