What does your return on investment (ROI) look like in online marketing?

It can be difficult, confusing and overwhelming trying to determine your online marketing ROI. Especially if it is your first time using Google Analytics. The sheer volume of data available can easily leave you staggered. And once you have gotten over the initial shock, you will need to sift through [...]

Why You Should Always Keep an Eye on the Competition

Every successful business – from multinational corporations to start-ups – has competition. And every marketing strategy needs to include a competitor analysis – especially for new businesses who still need to learn their markets. A comprehensive understanding of your competitor landscape is vital for the success of your brand. [...]

10 Reasons Why the Faceless Workforce is so Powerful

The advent and development of technology has shaped a digital workforce forming an electronic community and e-commerce. The future of business combines human skill and talent with online platforms to allow for international, multilingual, diverse-skilled and proficient employees to work remotely and in real time. The conventional work day [...]

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